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Aviation Institute

Career Opportunities in Aviation.

While the most visible careers in aviation involve flying, there are many more opportunities in aviation that don’t involve the operation of aircraft.  We’ve list a number of flight and non-flight opportunities below.   Our program provides preparation and training for each of these interesting and rewarding career options.

Examples of Careers in Aviation

Flight: Pilot, Dispatcher, Flight Engineer, Flight Instructor, Helicopter Pilot, Military Pilot, Aerial Photographer, Remote Sensing Research Pilot.

Airports: Air Traffic Controller, Airport Operations Supervisor, Airport Manager, Airport Planner & Designer, Safety Officer, Security Official, Fixed Base Operation (FBO) Owners and/or Managers.

Airlines, Corporate Flight Departments, Charter Operators: Sales, Customer Service, Ground Operations, Marketing, Maintenance Management, Dispatch, Scheduling, and Consulting.

Aviation is best described as a public private partnership in which most of the operators are private firms while the airports and regulators are governmental entities at the local, state, and federal levels.  There are many careers opportunities with private companies such as the airlines, corporate flight departments, and charter operators.   There are also opportunities for careers with the airport authorities, local transportation planning organizations, state and federal departments of transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, and the Transportation Security Administration.

We recommend the following websites for information about aviation careers.

Avjobs. com at

Federal Aviation Administration at

Of course, we also encourage you to speak to our faculty and staff about your interests and how our program can prepare you for an exciting career in aviation.


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