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Aviation Institute Distinguished Alumnus Award

The Aviation Institute Distinguished Alumnus Award is awarded at the annual UNOAI Honors Convocation.  The faculty of the Aviation Institute nominate and select an alumnus who has remained involved with the Institute through speaking in classes, hosting tours, participating in our internship program, making financial contributions to our program, or who has represented our program within the industry with a level of service and professionalism. 
1998: Phil Jensen; BGS (1993)
1999: Shaun Giese; MS (1998)
2000: Daniel Vacha; BGS (1993)
2001: David Price; BGS (1997)
2002: Shawn Farwell; BGS (1993)
2003: Mike Lempke; BSPA (1999)
2004: Mike Turner; BGS (1995), MPA (1997)
2005: Thomas Crawford; BGS (1995)
2006: Ryan Goertzen; BGS (2000), MPA (2004)
2007: Jason Vanis; BGS (1998)
2009: Jay Vidlak; BGS (1998)

College of Public Affairs and Community Service Alumni Award

2009: Dr. Rebecca Lutte
2008: Stephen McCoy
2007: Keri Spencer
2005: Mike Lempke
2004: Michael Turner

University of Nebraska Foundation

Help support one of many Aviation Institute scholarships hosted at the University of Nebraska Foundation.  For additional information please contact the Foundation at 402-502-4105 or visit



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