Detachment 470: New Cadet Information

What is AFROTC?

Air Force ROTC is a college program offered at colleges and universities across the U.S. that prepares you to become an Air Force officer and helps you understand the career options available in the United States Air Force. ROTC stands for Reserve Officer Training Corps and helps develop leaders for the future.

What does the ROTC program require?

In the ROTC program cadets have two volunteer years in the program to see if the Air Force is a future they want to pursue. Through ROTC cadets will attend Physical Training (PT) sessions during the week to stay physically active, attend Leadership Lab to gain leadership skills, and take Air Force classes to understand the type of life the Air Force provides.

Why be involved in AFROTC?

Being in college is already stressful, why add another activity into your life? Because AFROTC can create a better life for you. AFROTC opens up doors to those who have an interest in building a successful and exciting future while becoming a better person and making life-long bonds with the community and people around you. AFROTC can give you a future. Click this link to see some of the USAF jobs.

Why Detachment 470?

AFROTC programs across the nation provide excellent opportunities to get involved in the United States Air Force and build a career out of it. Detachment 470 not only provides the skills to become an excellent leader, but it goes beyond and helps build loyal wingman. The Wolfpack allows cadets to truly understand the benefits and hardships of being an officer in the Air Force while not overwhelming them and allowing them to still have an average "college" life. The Wolfpack is actively involved in the Omaha community, regularly meets together to create a sense of unity among cadets, and has a friendly rivalry between the Army ROTC Detachment at Creighton.

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