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Awardees for Academic Year 2006-07.

The following Civic Participation Project minigrants were awarded for academic year 2006-07. We hope that these will provide you with inspiration for your own projects.

Chris Allen, Communication - The Election in Omaha
This project brought UNO and South High School students together to create a half hour documentary, for air on The Knowledge Network, of the impact of the 2006 mid-term election campaigns on youth in South Omaha. Students interviewed classmates, relatives, and community members to determine what local, regional and national issues are particularly relevant to them.

Jonathan Benjamin-Alverado, Political Science - Promoting Student Civic Participation through Latino Voter Mobilization
Student leaders from UNO student service organizations were recruited to assist in door to door canvassing of voters in key precincts in South Omaha and help coordinate other “Get out the Vote” efforts. Students worked with key community leaders to forward this community mobilization effort.  

Maria Arbelaez, History - South Omaha History Project
Students involved in this project provided vital assistance to the Project Omaha history project at Omaha South High School. Students aided in the cataloging of hundreds of videotape interviews of South Omaha citizens who represent the rich cultural traditions and historical memory of the community. The new cataloging system will make the tapes more accessible to students, community members and researchers.

Blaine Burnham, Connie Jones, and Matt Payne, Information Science and Technology - Technology Day Camp for Girls
The Nebraska University Consortium for Information Assurance (NUICA) within the College of Information Science and Technology once again offered its very successful collaboration with the Girl Scouts to offer a week long summer camp to girls ages 11 to 17 to explore areas of information technology developed in the first camp (offered in summer 2006) in greater depth.

Loree Bykerk, Political Science - Pizza and Politics
Throughout the spring 2007 semester, students gathered together in an informal setting with faculty facilitators to share what was on their minds about current political issues. The sessions helped students identify their own beliefs and interests and engage in civil discussions with other students about current issues.

Josie Metal-Corbin, Darcy Cleveringa, Kathy Danielson, Carol Mitchell, Liz Polinski-Smith, Ricky Smith, De Anna M. Twigg, James Wolfe, Health, Physical Education and Recreation - Interdisciplinary Pedagogy: The Water Cycle
This project involved UNO students from five classes with students from three Omaha schools in understanding the importance of water conservation and the preservation of natural resources from many perspectives. Teacher education candidates worked with students in their schools and brought them on the UNO campus to mutually discover the meaning of stewardship of place.

Sarah Edwards, Teacher Education - Secondary Education Pilot Project
Being an effective teacher in the secondary school setting requires more than subject mastery. Understanding community, cultural diversity, and the contextual frameworks of students' lives are vital to reaching and teaching the whole student. This project provided UNO secondary education students the opportunity to explore and reflect upon these topics and many more through a series of structured placements with mentors in secondary schools throughout Omaha.

Birud Sindhav, Marketing and Management - Collecting and Compiling Information about Social Entrepreneurs in the Community
Who are the social entrepreneurs in Nebraska who create organizations to address emergent community needs and effect social change? This project aimed to answer that question by involving students in research efforts to identify and learn from these change agents.

Jeanette Harder, Social Work - Research Partnership Enhancement (view proposal)
In order to remain viable, social service organizations must evaluate their program offerings, then analyze and effectively report their evaluation outcomes. Graduate students enrolled in a research class helped a number of local and regional organizations achieve these goals as they developed and implemented these research partnerships.

Lyn Holley, Gerontology - Working with Minority Elderly (view proposal)
Students involved in this project assisted minority elders in having a voice in the current discussion of Medicare and Medicaid programs serving the elderly population. Students led focus groups intended to give this often-silenced population an opportunity to have its concerns heard and advance an on-going research project addressing this issue.

Wilma Kuhlman, Teacher Education - Language Arts at Girls, Inc.
Developing key language arts skills is the key to success in educational settings and beyond. For this project, teacher education students are working with elementary and middle school students who are taking part in the Girls, Inc. after-school program to develop the reading and writing skills they need to succeed in school and in life.

Peter Madsen, Music - The Jim Widner Big Band Residency
This project brought together UNO music students and the Metropolitan Area Youth Jazz Orchestra to work and perform with the one of the country’s best big bands, the Jim Widner Big Band. While learning from one of the best big bands, students also explored the depths of America’s truly indigenous art form: Jazz!

Kathe Oleson, American Humanics - National Youth Service Day
This collaboration between students in the UNO American Humanics program, students at Western Hills Magnet Center, and Keep Omaha Beautiful involved area youth in a parks cleanup project on National Youth Service Day, April 21, 2007.