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Project Achieve

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Project Achieve

Project Achieve is a Federal TRIO Student Support Services Program
on the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus since 1993.


Project Achieve is open to University of Nebraska-Omaha undergraduates who qualify as first-generation, limited income, and/or disabled college students. The program consists of academic skills development as well as financial aid, academic, career, and personal counseling. Activities and services emphasize development of skills necessary for becoming more efficient and independent learners.

Project Achieve uses a flexible and personalized approach. Each student is encouraged to participate in activities which meet his or her own learning needs. Students and staff work together in assessing students' skills in relation to educational and career goals. Personal interviews, review of academic records, checklists and diagnostic tests may be used in this process.

The MISSION of Project Achieve is to:

  • Serve first generation students, limited income students, and students with disabilities.
  • Increase the college retention and graduation rate of eligible students.
  • Foster an institutional climate supportive of eligible students.
  • Support transfer students in transitioning from 2 year institutions to UNO.

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