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Visa Corporate Travel Credit Card

The University of Nebraska Travel Services has signed a contract with UMB Bank of Kansas City, Missouri for an individual liability Visa Corporate Travel credit card. Full-time faculty/staff members are eligible to apply for a card at no expense to the individual or the University. Faculty/staff who apply for this card should anticipate spending at least $300 annually on University travel. Individuals are responsible for paying all charges made on the Visa Corporate Travel Card. This card will be cancelled upon an individuals separation from the University.

An application for the UMB issued card is required. You must return the original signed application to Michael Obbink, EAB 208 for processing. He will sign for the authorized approval and fax your application to UMB.

As noted on the application, the default monthly credit card limit is $2,500. You may request a higher limit, but UMB will determine if the higher limit is appropriate by reviewing your credit history and other information provided on your application.

For questions or concerns, please contact Michael Obbink at 402.554.2668.

Click here for the application PDF Policy Changes