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Vendor Requests

SAP contains thousands of vendors, however there is often the need to add a new vendor to the system. The vendor must be created prior to creating a purchase order or parked document. The University of Nebraska at Omaha requires a IRS form W9 or the University of Nebraska Alternate W9 be on file prior to creating a vendor. This information is required for tax reporting purposes. Questions regarding this requirement should be addressed to Teresa Carlson at 402.554.4937.

Departments can submit requests for new vendors via the Vendor Request option on the Logistics Launchpad. Accounting Services does request that you provide all contact information (i.e. phone, fax, email) you have available. New vendor requests are generally handled within 24 hours, however please remember that the W9 form must be received prior to setting up the vendor.

Departments can assist with the process by sending the W9 request to a vendor. The form is available by clicking here or in the SAPPHIRE Resources Business Forms Section under Purchasing.

The vendor file is reviewed each month and vendors which have not been used in the prior eighteen months are deactivated. If you can not find a vendor, assistance can be provided. Prior to releasing the deactivation, a review of the W9 status is done and a form is obtained if necessary.

Questions regarding vendors can be addressed to Rosemary Conway at 402.554.2644 or via email at or to Teresa Carlson at 402.554.4937 or via email at