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Travel Receipts

Questions should be addressed to Accounting Services at 402.554.2320.

Nebraska Legislation (Section 81-1174) requires expense reimbursement no later than 60 days after the final day on which expenses were incurred.

Required Receipts
Expenses that require an itemized receipt when employee is in “travel” status:
- Commercial Travel (airline, bus, rail, and train)
- Car Rental (we recommend you accept insurance)
- Gasoline (rental cars or University vehicles only)
- Lodging (must claim single rate or provide explanation). Receipt must show zero balance.
- Registration Fees
- Miscellaneous Travel Expenses ($75.00 or more) Note: Itemized receipts must be provided for all non-travel related supplies purchased while traveling (e.g. books, CDs, etc.).
- Meals (including tip & taxes). Itemized receipts are required for all food/meal expenses equal to or greater than $5.00. Please note that your department may require meal receipts for all meal purchases even those less than $5.00. Note: ACTUAL meal expenses must be claimed. Faculty/Staff are expected to make reasonable selections when purchasing meals. Meals are not allowed while in travel status when incurred in the city or town in which the residence or primary work location of such individual is located.

Additional Meal Guidelines
Refer to the chart below to determine which meals are reimbursable.

One Day Trip Yes, if departure is prior to 6:30 am No Yes, if departure is prior to 5:00 pm and return is after 7:00 pm
First & Last Day of a Multi-Day Trip Yes, if departure is prior to 6:30 am or return is after 10:00 am Yes, if departure is prior to 11:00 am or return is after 2:00 pm Yes, if departure is prior to 5:00 pm or return is after 7:00 pm

A claim for reimbursement of a business/official function meal, including a meal purchased for any individual other than the claimant, must be accompanied by an original itemized meal receipt, a list of attendees and a meeting agenda and/or conference flyer or other documentation to substantiate the business purpose of the meeting.

Meal reimbursements for one day trips are taxable income and must be reported by the University to the IRS after the traveler exceeds $200.00 in a twelve month period (December 1 through November 30). Affected individuals receive quarterly notifications from Accounting Services.

Receipts NOT needed (unless $75.00 or more per receipt):
Communication expenses (phone, internet, etc.)
- Baggage Handling
- Intra-city Bus Fares
- Parking Fees -Self-Park Only - Valet Parking is not reimbursed unless it is the only method available.
- Taxi, Shuttle, or Limousine
- Tips
- Toll Fees

Expenses NOT reimbursable:

- Alcoholic beverages
- Personal entertainment/services
- Spouse/Companion expenses

Note: This is not an inclusive list and other expenses may or may not be allowed according to University policy. Contact your campus Accounting/Accounts Payable office if you have questions.

Acceptable Proof of Payment:
Original itemized receipt
- A canceled check may be used in combination with an itemized receipt.
- A credit card receipt may be used when it includes a detailed itemization of the purchase.
- A faxed copy of a receipt may be used in lieu of a lost original receipt if accompanied by a signed written explanation for the missing original (e.g. “original lost – use copy as original”).
- A photocopy of an original receipt may be used if accompanied by a signed written explanation for the missing original (e.g. “original lost – use copy as original”).
- For international travel receipts, all claims for reimbursement must be expressed in terms of US currency.

Revised 08-2010