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Travel Loans

Advances for travel expenses are not available, however, UNO faculty/staff members may be eligible to obtain loans to cover official University business travel expenses through the UNO Alumni Association. The amount of the loan is limited to the expenses approved in advance less the cost of any items prepaid by the University such as airline tickets and registration fees, up to a maximum of $1,000/employee.

The applicant must present a copy of the Travel Authorization form signed by the appropriate chairperson/dean to the UNO Alumni Association. The request for a travel loan should be made at least two weeks prior to departure.

Loans must be paid in full no later than 45 days from the return date of the trip. Unspent funds should be returned immediately to UNO Alumni Association upon return. Faculty/staff members must complete the appropriate reimbursement paperwork for expenses. A copy of the loan agreement signed with the Alumni Association must accompany the reimbursement paperwork to Accounting Services. Your reimbursement will be assigned to the Alumni Association to repay the advance. If your claim exceeds the advance, the Alumni Association will issue you a check for the difference. If your claim is less that your advance, you will need to pay the balance to the Alumni Association. You will receive the normal email telling you when your reimbursement has been processed.

Questions regarding travel loans should be addressed to Maria Flint-Malnack, UNO Alumni, Business Manager at 402.554.2459.