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Travel General Information & Process

Travel means absence from the city of town where one normally works for the purpose of conducting University business. All travel that requires the expenditure of funds appropriated to or controlled by the University must be authorized before departure. A Travel Authorization form is required to be completed and retained in the department. The form is available in the SAPPHIRE Business Resources Forms section. Lodging and food for faculty/staff in travel mode can not be direct billed to the University.

Who Qualifies to Travel
The following individuals may apply for travel expense reimbursements:
- Members of the Board of Regents
- Faculty/staff and emeriti faculty members of the University
- Persons on special assignment approved on the Travel Authorization request by the dean, director, vice chancellor, or chancellor
- Students who are employees of UNO, members of the Board of Regents or members of an official University committee approved by the Chancellor's office traveling of University business

Travel Process
- Traveller submits the Travel Authorization form to dean/director for approval, this approval includes, where applicable, the authorization to use a privately owned vehicle for University business
- Department retains approved form
- Department makes travel arrangements with University travel agent using the cost object
- Travel occurs, travel submits expenses and obtains dean/director approval
- Department forwards form and original receipts to Accounting Services, Eppley 208
- Accounting Services audits expenses and submits payment request to State of Nebraska
- Traveller receives e-mail notification of expected direct deposit from the State of Nebraska
- Payment is made to employee via direct deposit to their primary payroll bank or travel bank

SAP Electronic Trip Processing
The Travel & Expense automation procedure in SAP allows travel requests and trip expense statements to be created in SAP that link directly to the financial and human resource modules. This provides a consistent method for pre-trip approval, trip expense submission, expense accountability and audit, flexible reporting and realtime expense tracking and budgeting. This process also includes electronic approval of expenses by the traveller and electronic attachment of receipts. Several UNO departments participate in this process. Contact Teresa Carlson at 402.554.4937 if you are interested in information or participation in this process.

Nebraska Legislation (Section 81-1174) requires expense reimbursement no later than 60 days after the final day on which expenses were incurred.