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Reimbursement Policy Changes Related to LB 533

Governor Heineman signed LB533 on May 26th. The bill included an emergency clause and will become law immediately. This bill has two immediate impacts for individuals requesting reimbursement for University business.

1. Itemized meal receipts will be required for all food/meal expenses equal to or greater than $5.00. This requirement is effective for food/meal expenses incurred on or after May 27. Please note that your department may require meal receipts for all meal purchases even those less than $5.00.

2. Expenses must be submitted 60 days from the date of the last expense. This means an approved expense report must be received by Accounting Services within 60 days or we can’t reimburse your expenses. This includes expenses during business travel, non-travel expenses (i.e., supply reimbursements or petty cash claims) and mileage claims.

a. This means that if travel occurs June 15—June 18 and again on June 22—June 25, the request for reimbursement may include both trips, but the request for reimbursement for the first travel period must be submitted no later than 60 days after June 18.

b. If an employee typically requests reimbursement for non-travel expenses and accumulates the receipts for which reimbursement is sought, each expense will have its own 60 day limitation for reimbursement. (Travel is defined as being away from headquarter city longer than one day.)

Another item which needs to be addressed is the use of affidavits for missing receipts. Affidavits should not be used on a routine basis and will only be accepted on rare occasions (no more than once or twice a year).

Please contact Teresa Carlson at 402-554-4937 with any questions.

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