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Interstate Billing Transactions - IBT

The Interstate Billing Transaction (IBT) is used to facilitate billings for purchases of goods and/or services between State of Nebraska Agencies. The billing agency initiates the IBT and sends it to the expending agency for approval and processing. IBTs are posted in SAP as Interagency Billing Transactions with a document type of TN. Prior to March 2003, these transactions were know as Interstate Transaction Documents (ITD) and were posted in SAP with a document type of TD.

UNO is the purchaser: UNO department places an order to purchase a product or service from another agency outside of the University system, providing their department's NIS address book number to the other state agency. NIS Address Book numbers can be found in the SAPPHIRE Resources Reference Guides section. Once your department receives an IBT, record your cost object on the document, obtain the appropriate signatures on the document and forward it to Accounting Services, Eppley 208 for processing. Please note you must provide list of names and business purposes for any conference and food expenses.

UNO is the seller: UNO department receives an order for a product or service from a state agency outside of the University system, the UNO department must provide to the contact information for the expending agency, their NIS address book number, an explanation of the goods/services to be billed, the amount, and the department's cost object and GL account information. This information should be sent to Accounting Services, Eppley 208 or via email to

Questions regarding IBTs should be directed to Rosemary Conway at 402.554.2644 or via email to