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UNO Accounting Services
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GL Account Postings

GL Account Postings are handled in the SAP system. There are several types of G/L Account Postings utliized in SAP, some of the commonly used types are defined below. Please feel free to contact Accounting Services at 402.554.2320 if you have any questions.

Internal Charges - IC
Posting of revenue for intercampus sales and services. Departments providing the goods and/or services initiate the entry. Most service departments provide documentation at the point of sale for these transactions. Service departments require cost object information whtn the goods and/or services are ordered.

Internal Charges - IB (Batch Processing)
Posting of revenue for intercampus sales and services on a batch process basis. This allows multiple transactions to be done by the service department in a single process.

Common uses for batch processing at UNO:

Mail Services - UNO Mail Services accumulates daily department postage and mail expenses. Charges are separated by expense category and are billed at the end of the month. Please contact Mail Services if you have questions at 402.554.2337.

Mail Services Expense Categories
300 - Postage Meter 301 - Bulk Permit Mail 302 - Reply Postage
303 - Mail Preparation 304 - Labels & Other Mail 305 - Courier Service
306 - UPS 307 - International Mail 308 - Meter Bulk

Office Depot - Purchases made through Office Depot are posted daily in SAP. Charges for your order are generally posted 2-3 days after it is delivered. Questions regarding billings or obtaining an Office Depot login should be directed to Teresa Carlson at 402.554.4937 or via email at

Telecommunications - UNO Telecommunications processes departmental billings at the end of each month. Billings are separated into three categories: equipment, work orders and long distance. Please contact Telecommunications at 402.554.2799 with questions.

Voyager Card - The Voyager card is used for fuel purchases for departmental vehicles at the UNO gas pump or at off-campus fuel stations. UNO gas pump charges are processed at the end of each month as a SAP internal charge by UNO Facilities Management. Contact Facilities Management at 402.554.2500 with questions regarding these charges. Off-campus fuel charges are processed at the end of each month as a SAP internal batch and include the previous month's charges. Contact UNL Transportation Services at 402.472.7766 with questions regarding these charges.

Journal Entry - JE
Corrections and adjustments to posted documents. Examples include: account coding corrections, adjust revenue from one cost object to another, adjust expense from one cost object to another and distribution of costs to mutliple cost objects.

Payroll Journal Entry - PJ
Variation of a journal entry, used for transfers of salary and wage costs.

Accrual Journal Entry - UA
Fiscal year end adjustment to record financial activity in the proper fiscal year, and the reversal of these accruals in the next fiscal year.