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Faculty/Staff FAQ

How do I get reimbursed for non-travel expenses?
When you wish to be reimbursed for purchasing items such as textbookds, tapes, supplies, etc. complete a Travel Expense Worksheet. Non-travel expenses up to $50 can be reimbursed using a Petty Cash Voucher.

What if I combine a personal vacation with my business travel?
It is allowable to include additional time at your business desitnation and/or add an additional side trip to your business portion of your trip. If you add an additional destination to your trip, you are responsible for any differences in airfare.

What if I want to take my family or a friend on my business trip?
Any additional costs are at your expense. You must attach verification that you are claiming single room rates for your hotel.

Will my employee expense reimbursement be held until the next time I receive a paycheck?
No. Payment will not be held until the next paycheck pay date. You will receive your expense reimbursement directly into the specified bank account 5-7 days after it has been processed by Accounting Services.