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I need to update the contact information for my SAP monthly report mail code, who should I contact?
The monthly reports are mailed to individuals, generally department chairs or deans, using a report mail code. If the contact person in your area has changed please email the mail code (i.e. 4301) and the change needed to Teresa Carlson at

The positive and negative signs in SAP seem backwards to me.
Revenues are reported with their natural sign as a negative, which indicates a credit. Expenses are reported with their natural sign as unsigned (positive), which indicates a debit. This is a routine accounting procedure.

If you focus on the $Variance report on the Cost Center or WBS Element Revenue/ Expense Summary with Prior Year Balance Forward, a unsigned (positive) number represents budget remaining to spend and a negative number means the budget has been overspent.

How do I know what my balance is in my revolving cost center?
The Revenue/Expense Summary with Prior Year Balance Forward report includes any balance carried forward from prior fiscal years. If the Total line in the Variance column is unsigned (positive), then that is the balance which can be spent. If negative, then that is the amount that the cost center is overspent.

What is the best method for paying a vendor?
If the transaction is less than $4,999.00, the vendor accepts credit cards, and the purchase is allowed per the procurement card policy, use your procurement card.

A vendor returned the University's payment to me stating it was a duplicate payment, what should I do with the check and how can I tell if a check was cancelled?
Any check returned by a vendor to a department should be forwarded to Teresa Carlson, Eppley 208. The duplicate payment will be verified and the warrant will be cancelled. Cancellations are processed and a GL Posting is processed with an NC- Warrant Cancellation document type. The amount will appear on your detail line item report as a credit.

How can I find the check number of my payment to a vendor?
SAP users have access to the ZAPO transaction. This transaction allows you to search for payments to a vendor in various ways. For example, you can search by vendor name to see any payment made to that vendor or you can search by SAP document number to see your specific payment.