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Cost Objects

Within SAP, a cost object can be either a cost center or WBS element. Cost centers are used to track income and expenses for state-aided (non-revolving and revolving), auxilary, and other types of funds (endowments). WBS elements are used to track income and expenses for grants, student loan funds, agency and plant funds. The cost centers and WBS elements are entirely numeric. These is visual recognition built into the number structures to indentify the campus, fund type, sub-program, and department.

GL Accounts

In contrast to a cost object which identifies an area of responsibility, a GL account identifies the specific nature of a transaction within a cost object. The GL account is a six-digit filed and is hierarchical in structure. Listings of the GL Accounts for both revenue (4xxxxxx) and expenses (5xxxxxx) can be found in the SAPPHIRE Resources Reference Guides section.