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Check Handling

Payments are made by State of Nebraska Treasury Warrant (check). Warrants are mailed directly to vendors by the State of Nebraska unless documentation must accompany the payment to the vendor. The vendor invoice number is listed on the remittance portion of the check mailer. These warrants are valid for a period of one year.

Special Handling
There may be situations in which a department or vendor needs to arrange for pick up of the warrant or other special handling. You request must be clearly marked on the paperwork when it is submitted for processing. Warrants can not be mailed to your department. We require a signature to release a warrant, therefore you must pick it up in our office, Eppley 208 and sign for it.

Warrant Cancellation

Occasionally a vendor will return a warrant to UNO. This happens if an order is cancelled, returned or if duplicate payment has been issued. If a warrant is returned to your department forward it to Teresa Carlson, Eppley 208. Please include any information you have regarding the reason for the return. A warrant cancellation will be processed and the funds returned to your cost object. The SAP document type for a Warrant Cancellation is NC.

Lost or Missing Warrants

Inquires regarding the replacement of a lost or missing warrant should be directed to David Miller at 402.554.2320. The warrant payee will be required to complete a notarized affidavit form to initiate the stop payment and reissue process.

Outstanding Warrants
Recipients of Nebraska Treasury Warrants should make every effort to negotiate (cash or deposit) the warrants in a timely manner. Treasury warrants expire one year from issue date. Inquiries regarding whether a warrant processed the system has cleared the bank may be made to the Accounting Services office.

Expired Warrants
Treasury Warrants are valid for a period of one year. The State of Nebraska requires that expired warrants be processed through the Office of Risk Management, State Claims Board. The process includes the completion of a claim form that is forwarded to the State Claims Board and subsequently reviewed and approved or denied, based upon the circumstances. When discovered expired warrants should be forwarded immediately to Teresa Carlson, Eppley 208 and the necessary paperwork will be handled .