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Cash Deposits/Receipts

Income or refunds should be brought to Cashiering/Student Accounts with an accompanying Deposit Receipt form. The form is available in the SAPPHIRE Resources Business Forms section. Cash Receipts are posted in SAP wtih a document type of CR.

Deposit receipts should include complete cost object and G/L revenue account information. Print one copy, attach your deposit and deliver to Cashiering/Student Accounts, Eppley 109. A receipt will be given or returned to you for your records.

You can not deposit revenue (G/L Account 4xxxxx) in a state-aided cost center (41xxxxxxxx). If you are depositing a refund from a vendor, you must reference the original SAP document number which paid for the goods or services being refunded. Questions should be directed to Accounting Services at 402.554.2320.

All income received for grants and contacts must be deposited through Grants Accounting, Eppley 208. Any questions regarding grants and contract deposits should be directed to Grants Accounting at 402.554.2666.

Income received for scholarships, gifts or other donated funds must be deposited through Deb Wilcox, Eppley 208. A specific Deposit Receipt form for gifts is available in the SAPPHIRE Resources Business forms section. Any questions regarding scholarship and gift deposits should be directed to Deb Wilcox at 402.554.2738.