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Budget is used to designate allowable spending limits to organizational structures for a set period of time. Budgeting is a top-down process usually following the bottom-up planning process. For example, budgets can be created for each cost center and used to set periodic benchmarks to compare with actual cost center results.

Budget Transfers

Budget Transfers move expenditure authority from one cost center, WBS element and/or GL account to another. Budget Transfers must always remain within the same fund type - i.e. budget from one state aided non-revolving cost center can only be transferred to another state aided non-revolving cost center. In other words, budget can only be transferred from a cost center that begins with 41xxxxxxxx to another cost center that begins with 41xxxxxxxx.

Requests to transfer budget allocations within a budget program may be submitted during a fiscal year. The budget transfer form is available in the SAPPHIRE Resources Business Forms Section. Questions regarding budget transfers should be directed to the Budget Office at 402.554.2322.

Additional information is available on the Budget Office Website.