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Office of Academic & Student Affairs
Faculty Development Leave

Below are links to faculty development resources. If you are unable to find a particular resource, please contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs.

Faculty Development Fellowship

FDFs will be available to all eligible faculty on a competitive basis. According to provisions outlined in Regents policy and the faculty collective bargaining agreement, each applicant must submit a written proposal to his or her department chairperson/school director. In order for a faculty member to be eligible to compete for the award of a FDF, he or she must have completed six full years of service. Each FDF recipient must spend at least one year in the employment of the University after completing the FDF and must submit a written report to his or her dean about activities undertaken during the FDF award period. This report will be used in the evaluation of future requests for additional FDFs by the faculty member.

Each year the Office of Academic and Student Affairs will prepare a list for each college of all faculty eligible to compete for award of a FDF. The dean and the appropriate faculty advisory groups in each college will review the FDF applications submitted by the college faculty. The dean will prepare a recommendation to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs which ranks the applications in priority order and also indicates for each applicant the duties that will be deferred until the applicant returns, or will be assumed by replacement faculty, or undertaken by another faculty member. The recommendation from the college dean is due in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs on the date specified in the Academic and Student Affairs Administrative Calendar.

The Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs will utilize current Regents Policy to determine the number of FDF awards to be made each year. Normally, the total number of awards will not exceed the target award number stated in Regents Policy (i.e., one of ten eligible faculty; BRUN Minutes, 54, p 132, April 8, 1989).