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12 Month Plan
12 Month Plan


Welcome to the 12 Month Operational Plan Task Force web site.

The Task Force and Its Charge

The 12 Month Operational Plan Task Force was chartered by Chancellor Christensen on October 3, 2007. Chancellor Christensen charged the Task Force to undertake a rigorous and accelerated study of the opportunities for UNO to provide provide meaningful year round educational offerings.

The Task Force chairs are Sheri Noren Everts, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs and Scott Tarry, Professor and Director, Aviation Institute and President, UNO Faculty Senate.

The Task Force members include about 25 students, faculty, staff and administrators who are meeting bi-weekly to respond the Chancellor's charge. The Task Force will complete its work in January, 2008.

"A Campus Conversation"

In his charge to the Task Force, Chancellor Christensen said, " I have no preconceived notion as to what the answer may be. Based on what the future may hold, full consideration of twelve month operations is very important The higher education landscape is changing daily. It has become very competitive. Costs are growing at the same time that state support is trending down. Expectations of UNO are growing. All of these changes support a careful look at our operational options with the clear understanding that serving students is a priority. this will take a willingness and openness to consider all options. It will require a campus conversation so that every voice is represented and heard.

Benefits of Expanded Operations

  • Early graduation
  • Deeper learning experiences
  • Less debt
  • Greater flexibility for faculty
  • Better utilization of resources